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Compile WINE for Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6

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Can't run PearPC in MacOSX via Wine

What is the best way to run Windows Software on this old Mac? They write: MostlyHarmless MostlyHarmless 2 8 Virtual is not an option because it will run very very slow due to less RAM and processor speed. You can give a try to Wine if it is workinf on PPC. Wineskin News Wineskin 2. Wineskin update 2. I'd appreciate feedback and testing results.

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Wrappers no longer support running on Mac OS X OSX New X. I like cars and hope to learn to work on them one day. Originally Posted by soundfx4.

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I was wondering if there was a program similar to wine for the PPC linux installs, and by that I mean a program that will let you run Max OS X PPC programs, I know you can't do Windows programs without emulation The reason I'm asking is because I might be able to install WoW on my PS3, which would be great because when my cousins come over I need an extra WoW console, and I only have 2 computers that can run it at the moment.

That's just thiderastic.

Wine - Applicazioni Windows su Mac OS X

Servers are none of these things. Call the Mod Hotline! The answer is no, and there probably won't ever be. It is an implementation of the Win32 API.

Darwine: Mac Wine in New Bottles

It relies on the processor having the same instruction set. It does NOT emulate a different instruction set. If the processor has a different instruction set, it would require emulation, which WINE very specifically is not designed to do, as that would be 1 very slow and 2 require tons of programming. Especially since PPC is now being discontinued by Apple, such a program will likely never exist.

E-Maculation • Can't run PearPC in MacOSX via Wine

Even if one did exist, you'd be lucky to run Pentium 1 software at normal speed on the best PPC hardware. The reason you can run windows software so well is that it's the same instruction set and no emulation is needed. Running the same software on a PPC would require emulation, which would mean dramatic slowdown. Your shiny new PPC would have the speed of a nintendo 8 bit. Optimus Main: Acer AS, C2D 2. It has a light side, a dark side and it holds the universe together. admin