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Download File Size: Checking out and building Chromium for Mac. Checking out and building Chromium for iOS. Homebrew installation: Get the latest version of Safari for your Mac. About the security content of Safari Download - Uncompiled Build Archives. Chrome One fast, simple, and secure browser for all your devices License: Google Modification Date: February 12, Requirements: Mac OS X This site contains design documents, architecture overviews, testing information, and more to help you learn to build and work with the Chromium source code.

The Chromium Authors Modification Date: Current Requirements: Epichrome is made up of two parts: Each app automatically installs Epichrome Helper, which uses rules to decide which links the app should handle itself, and which should be sent to the default web browser. Basically, you can make your own application for Facebook, Netflix, Google Docs etc. All you need is the URL and an appropriate image for the icon. September 12, Requirements: A powerful, new engine that's built for rapidfire performance. Better, faster page loading that uses less computer memory. Gorgeous design and smart features for intelligent browsing.

Mozilla Modification Date: February 11, Requirements: Running each of these web apps in a separate tab in your browser can be a real pain.

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Todd Ditchendorf Modification Date: October 19, Requirements: Alexander Clauss Modification Date: September 28, Requirements: Lynx Modification Date: July 8, Requirements: These unstable and untested builds are snapshots of our development, updated every few hours. This means that you might actually be the first person to try a particular build and discover that it eats your system. We hope that doesn't happen, of course, but since we won't have tested the app before giving you access we can't make any guarantees. Is it a browser, or an OS? The answer is a little bit of both.

It is one of the most extensible browsers you can use. You can get everything from password safes to full on text editors that all live right in your browser. This power all comes at a cost. Chrome can chew up a ton of battery life with only a few browser tabs. If you are looking to extend your battery life, this is not the best choice. One of the most unsung parts of Chrome is the built-in web developer tools. If you are messing around with JavaScript, you have a full-on console to experiment in.

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Firefox is not dead, but it was touch and go for a few years there. There was a persistent idea that it was slow. Here's why you might prefer Mozilla Firefox. Read More driven by quick updates.

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  4. Performance improved by clearing out old extensions that might hurt performance. Firefox is not the same as Chrome. You will not find an array of apps that turn your browser into an OS. You do find an excellent array of extensions that make your browser more powerful. If you are weary of the resources Chrome consumes on your system, Firefox is worth a new look. Opera is the vinyl record of web browsers. Its fans are deep and devoted, but a little outside of the mainstream.

    Opera was never the dominant browser on the web. Yet it was usually first to market with features that are now standards in other web browsers. After a decade of putting Opera on everything with a CPU, the browser has a renewed focus on the desktop. The newest version has some interesting features. The first is that there is an Opera-branded free VPN you can add as an extension.

    Safari for Mac

    Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are standard, but you can add others as extensions. Opera is a great browser if you like features. Beyond its built-in ecosystem, there is an extension that allows installing Chrome Extensions. It is a solid browser, fixing many of the issues that plague Chrome.

    Mozilla Firefox for Mac

    There's only one reason to pick one over another: And you might prefer Opera, too. Read More. Vivaldi is meant to be a reboot of Opera, stripping everything down to a bare-bones browser. That bare-bones approach to the browser is not to say that Vivaldi is generic. You can move the tab bar to any side of the window. There are many color themes you can use, which can change based on the time of day. You can even adjust the browser theme based on your Hue light bulb settings really life-changing stuff. Vivaldi has built-in compatibility with Chrome plugins.

    Web history has in-depth analysis, allowing you to do a deep dive on your browsing habits. You can take notes that include screenshots and attachments. Vivaldi has a good balance of features without getting in the way.

    Here are nine compelling reasons to try it out. These browsers range from overlooked to specialized. A few of these are off the beaten path. Others are purpose-built browsers for specific situations. Not every one of these is an out and out replacement browser, but they are all useful. If you remember the late 90s or early 00s, browser suites were all the rage.

    Even Opera took the form of a suite for a while there. Maxthon combines a notebook app, mail program, a screen shot app, a password manager, and a browser. It is one of the only alternative browsers on the Mac App Store. The newest version for Mac does not even support extensions. Yet, if you live in your web browser, have everything in one window might be helpful. You have a notebook that you can keep everything in, even your bookmarks. Rather than a sidebar app like Vivaldi, this is a full tab in the browser. Everything is passable here; it is just not distinctive beyond all being in one place.

    If your primary way to get work done is in your brower, Fake might be worth a look.

    For Mac OS X, what web browsers are available?

    Read More to take actions on web pages. This power means that you can do easy things like having an action to fill out web forms with your information. You do get a free trial to see what you can make with it, but it is an investment. Fake is not going to be your daily web browser. However, if you want to automate your experience on the web, it is worth checking out. There are not native apps for Facebook and other social networks on the Mac. If you want to make any web page into a native Mac app, try Fluid. You enter the URL and name.

    Then, tell it where to save the app, and if you want a custom icon or the favicon for the site. After a few moments, you have a Mac app that points to the site you wanted. It works on your Mac just like a native app. In the free version, there are a few caveats. You can make your app full screen, and pin it to the status bar. Fluid is another app that is more of a utility than a daily browser.

    That is not shocking as it is from the same developer as Fake. The Tor network is a unique way of disguising traffic by routing it through several nodes. For a long time, it was a bit tricky to get set up, but the project now offers a browser bundle that is a standalone install. The app is essentially Firefox but with the strictest privacy settings.

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