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But I don't believe there are any technical restrictions.

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I run it on an old xServe with very good results for my home lab. Virtual macOS instances are a licensing minefield. From here , this is what my non-lawyer brain surmises but check with your organization's legal department for additional, differing, opinions: Armstrong wrote:. First of all thank you all for those really fast replies! Are there other virtualization products I can consider? I guess VMware are the best but it probably the most expensive and I must Offer a cheaper alternative as well.

If anyone have more details about the licensing of those OS please share. That is the most complicated part , that we must do by the book. I'd also make sure to run from a fast SSD - booting 10 VM's is going to tax disk more than anything else during the initial booting phase. You can install ESXi for free, and that would provide a much more stable environment for hosting that many VMs compared to Fusion not that you couldn't do it in Fusion, but ESXi is designed for it. Souce x.

I realize this has been mentioned in passing above, but this is the most recent SLA from Apple and the line that specifies acceptable use. Just throwing that out there. I run about 8 - 10 minis each with 2 VMs. I recently burned out the RAM in one mini running Parallels.

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After taking a closer look I think there's a design flaw with cooling on the mini. I installed SystemPal on all of my machines running Parallels and a few others.

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I also started looking at conference room minis not running Parallels. My Mac Pros tower and coffee can don't have temperature issues. Nor do the couple of minis I have. Right now it's running our deploystudio server, some test VMs, and a couple of windows and linux.

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You may want to read up on best practices regarding resource provisioning etc if you plan on hosting many VMs. Dialog with your fellow IT professionals, gain insight about Apple device deployments, share best practices and bounce ideas off each other. Join the conversation.

Best Virtual Machine - How To Use Multiple Virtual Operating Systems On Windows/Mac PC

Learn more about Jamf. Back to Virtual Box. That means you can run Windows and Mac apps alongside each other and switch between them seamlessly.

What is a virtual machine?

You can also copy and paste between Mac and Windows, share peripherals, and map Mac keyboard shortcuts in Windows. But, as with Parallels, performance in the latest games lags behind Boot Camp and may prove frustrating.

They have very similar features, and cost almost the same. Fortunately, both offer free trials — Parallels for 14 days and Fusion for 30 days — so you can download each one and try them out before making a decision on which to buy. You can then install Windows or Linux, or another version on macOS, on the other partition. If you plan to use Boot Camp Assistant to partition your main drive, remember to back it up first. Partitioning a drive is not quite major surgery, but it definitely carries the risk of losing data.

MacOS Virtual Machines

Depending on how many applications you plan to install on your virtual machine and what you plan to use it for, you may need tens of gigabytes of free space on your Mac. As a first step, we recommend installing CleanMyMac X. It scans your Mac and looks for files that can be safely deleted. Best of all, you can download it free here and give it a try. Virtual machines are the most convenient way of running a second operating system on your Mac. The ones we have highlighted here are the best VMs for Mac, so download one and give it a go.

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