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Create a Symbolic Link

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Ready to run the script, just need confirmation that this won't screw anything up on my Mac. Works thanks! Thanks buddy! Of these, only the flags are used by the system; the access permissions and ownership are ignored. The symlink has no permissions, but echo and cat follow mylink to myfile.

Using Extensions That Assume Write Access

The symlink permissions blocked ls from showing the target of the symlink, but utilities still follow the symlink. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do you change the permissions of a system link on Mac OS?

I tried chmod -h mylink using iTerm2 with zsh, but it didn't work. Artyom Artyom 42 1 6. What didn't work? What happened? What's ls -l mylink before and after chmod. The before and after look exactly the same, the link was not modified Well, I'm stumped. There were some more interesting topics discussing this before the fix but they all seem to have been archived now.

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Basically these system calls were not initially implemented in the BSD kernel: However the all important lchown 2 is present in Nils C. Anderson Nils C. Also, there is no manpage for lchown. The function isn't defined.

Homebrew Symlink errors in Mac OSX High Sierra ยท GitHub

Permission denied l 1 4 Mar 15 But getting back to the original problem, there is something strange going on here. From the command line, I can't manipulate ACLs on symbolic links at all. Whether using ' chmod -h or setting inherit rules on a folder then creating a link, I can't generate a symbolic link with an ACL.

However, "Finder" apparently can. Sorry, I got that backwards - "Get Info" can transfer ACLs from a folder and add them to enclosed symbolic links, but it doesn't seem to remove them Michael Conniff wrote: Are you referring to the "Permission denied" message. But for reasons that aren't clear to me, on my system it sometimes skips items, leaving them intact Anderson Thanks. Actually, what seems strange to me is that despite the link "link" having a mode of "0", it is possible to follow it, and to ' cat ' the original file.

I recognize that I do have "read" privileges for the original file "file", but what's the point of having and by extension, modfying permissions on a symbolic link if the permissions don't seem to do anything?