Blank white screen on mac startup

Please help. Hi there, I have a MAc, desktop, worked fine until it started to freeze, shuts down then restarts again. I am running El-Capitan, not sure of the version. Thanks so much for the detailed methods of getting rid of this problem. You pointed out each step clearly, so I knew what to look for.

Other explanations omitted when to press and release keys. Thank you. Wooowwwww this is totally helpful! I tried the steps one by one until the 4th step.. I got macbook late. I got so little space in my hard drive that I decided to undo partition of the disk. First I had to verify disk.

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That lead me into trouble as it could not be accomplished as there was some trouble. Therefore I could not finish repair either as the hd must be checked first. So I tried all kind of tricks but it went worse. My first problem was that I had my hd in 2 parts. I tried to combine them but could not because of I had not enough space in my boot section. So I took backup. Then installed osx snowleopard to the latter part of hd.

Then I got white screen after I reinstalled snow leopard. It worked in safe mode, shift pressed upon start. But none of these tips didnt work for me. What I did with disk utility was I checked disk rights and fixed them. After that I wiped first part of hd and reinstalled snowleopard to the first and bigger part of my hd. Then I activated firewall and updated osx before anything. It worked fine. I have a ? Version that will load to the end of the progress bar and stop. I found the utilities box.

How to fix the MacBook white screen

I tried all possilitities and I am on my final try by reloading a copy of OS. It is checking with Apple…. My work has been saved! Mine will not go past the white screen. I have a late i7 and I have no clue what to do. My whole life is on this computer. I have tried all the steps listed above and still have nothing but a while screen with the apple logo and wheel of death. I have a mid iMac. So I found these instructions to hopefully fix the problem.

Mac White Screen? How to Fix a White Screen on Boot

Here you say repair. My options are first aid, erase, restore, unmount, and info. So I am assuming first aid! No repair word option. Removing the hdd cable allows you to access the select disk screen, then allows you to permanently change the boot order i. It took me hours and hours of looking for solutions before I found that link, and it helped enormously. My computer will not shut down as well since install from Nov,4 I have tried everything. This is unacceptable. So…any more suggestions?

No disk utility or anything else. Same results. Please help!!! Finally, I unplugged the power cord and turned on the the blank screen and let the battery run down completely. I plugged it back in on the power source, and within 1 hours, the computer came on by itself.. I have seen others with similar experience, so this was not an original idea. I have a Macpro. Thank you! Rebooting in safe mode per your instructions seems to have fixed my MacBook Air. Much relief versus taking it to Apple Store out of warranty. Thank you again for kindly providing this information.

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I would kiss you if I could! I have seen this happen a couple of times. After a little trial and error and wiggling the mouse around the screen I noticed that the cursor would change to the text symbol instead of the arrow right in the middle of the screen. After about 10 minutes it rebooted and everything was gravy.

So long story short, if you get a white screen, try to enter your login credentials and see what happens. I have been having a similar problem. White screen comes on, and then a file folder with a question mark appears and is flashing. I have tried the fixes above, with no success.

How to Fix a Mac not Booting up (Part I)

I found internet recovery mode! Try it out: Did you resolve it with the tips above or with a different solution? What specifically worked for you? Let us know in the comments. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. I found El Capitan Sierra is worse than Yosemite with major mission critical bugs, maybe it will clean up by the time But Mac OS X I use The reason Verbose mode works is likely the fact that it is using the graphics display.

Put another way, it is a completely different path in startup. The normal Mac startup does no graphics output except the White Screen, until it ups up the Apple Logo. Yes, text is graphics. Regarding the first method mentioned above, Rebooting into Safe Mode, you say it is quite easy to do: Please explain how to reboot the Mac. That worked. I would love to find out if I can fix the white screen. Someone out there fix this issue! Before you try any of the above, I had a white screen problem on my iMac after an update, which caused me a lot of grief, and resulted in reinstalling my system.

When it happened again on the next updated, I was lucky enough to notice that I recognised the sound being made when I tried the keyboard. Sure enough, it was working properly, just not displaying.

Mac White Screen? How to Fix a White Screen on Boot

I then restarted the iMac and everything was OK. Whatever caused the video problem, I was not fixing it by repeatedly aborting the update. I just had to allow the process to finish and that solved it. The moral to the story is that there is an extra step of trying to Screen Share before you start to panic. I have fixed a few machines by slaving then to my mac via Target disc mode and clearing the extensions folder in Library in root. With a restart the extensions that are default are re added and the culprits are gone. I too will never go back to MS. If I need something there rarer and rarer , I use VMWare Fusion and a selection of images with needed software ready to go.

Curiously Apple does not address the white screen problem at all on their page about screens you might see during boot. You would think it does not exist, but I have seen it too as well as the black screen.

How To Fix Mac White Screen

I assume it is a software bug. I only started having this problem when I enabled FireVault. The rest of you with this problem white screen at start up requiring password , did you enable FireVault? I have OS Sierra. So i have tried alot. I am lost……help anyone. I always get, after a long period of wait, a flashing question mark. No hardware problems interface circuitry and physical state of platters. The same happens with any external HD linked via the FireWire port. From the factory, since Lion All Intel format hard drives have three partitions from the factory: Armed with the disk number run this command in the terminal:.

Many thanks for your response. Pretty claire. My question is: What will happen when I chose, for example, El Capitan to start from? The introduction of the SIP-factor on the installation procedure cause me a lot of fuss. Many thanks in advance for your reply. Hi, I just experienced the white screen on reboot. I tried all of the above and nothing worked until I rebooted in Verbose mode.

Then shut down and it restarted OK. Macbook pro late I found on another website some info on the graphics card the likely problem: Shows only the integrated card in use. I am currently running El Capitan I did have to run internet restore 3 or 4 times before it would reboot normally also rebooted in Verbose mode , then I was able to download and install the app. Also note that my macbook runs much cooler now and much less fan noise. Not sure this works as my macbook continues to suddenly go to a black screen lock and then on reboot it fails to load internet restore seems to work to get it to reboot, but i think you have to let the macbook completely cool down before rebooting.

I went home and started backing up my personal files to my iMac. This was gig heavy so left machines on overnight…. If you know what apps were recently updated, try removing them from the list of login items and then reboot normally to see if the problem is fixed.

To remove an item, just highlight it by clicking on the item name, then click the minus sign — button below the list. After removing a login item from the list and verifying that the system boots normally afterwards, you may wish to contact the developer with a bug report, or try removing and re-installing that app. NVRAM stores information in between boots of your Mac, things like the startup disk, video and display information, volume for the system startup chime and speaker, time zone information, default system fonts, and more.

When resetting NVRAM, this data is all wiped from the Mac so you may need to readjust things like your screen resolution, mouse or trackpad tracking speeds, etc…. The Mac chimes once to signify that it has begun booting, then a second time to signify that the NVRAM has been reset. After this point, let up on the keys and let the Mac boot as usual. Resetting the SMC is another tool in your toolbox of white screen solutions. The reset process is different for different Mac models, so be sure to read the section below that pertains to your Mac. The charging light on devices with MagSafe adapters may change colors, indicating that SMC has been reset.

Reboot and Repair the Boot Disk The next item on your troubleshooting list should be rebooting and then trying to repair the boot disk by entering into Recovery Mode:. This can be the perfect time to upgrade that smaller, slower drive with a new one from MacSales. Boot the Mac into Verbose Mode Booting a Mac into Verbose Mode is like booting a Linux machine without the fancy graphical user interface — you just see a lot of text scrolling by quickly, listing all of the various things that are happening during boot. If this happens, reboot the Mac while holding down the Option key on the keyboard.

Click on that icon and press the return key, and the device should reboot normally. Should that drive icon not appear, then you likely have a bad or failing SSD or hard drive and should replace it immediately.

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