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Your Mac should now be listed in the available media sources:. Press A again to select your Mac as the Source.


All the video files in your iTunes Library and Movies Folder will now be available to view on your Xbox , and can be selected by navigating through the media list and pressing A on the controller:. You can also stream live Internet Radio broadcasts to your Xbox by adding the station source to a playlist on your Mac:. Similarly, in the Photos Library on your Xbox , your iPhoto Library will be available for viewing and can be navigated by Event or Album.

Stream Media from the Mac to the Xbox – Switching To Mac

Slideshows can also be played:. Connect has a number of options that can be tweaked by clicking on the Settings button. Here you can set options for transcoding quality and Library updating, amongst many other functions of the application:. All music available since iTunes went DRM-free in the MUsic Store will play happily on the console, though, as will any music, videos or digital photos you have added to your media Libraries yourself. Founder of Switching to Mac and managing editor. He began blogging in and quit his job in to blog full-time.

Xbox 360 Media Server Setup

He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications. Stream Media from the Mac to the Xbox Written by: Aseem Kishore , Twitter: November 9th, in: OS X , Tutorials. When you first download the application, it will appear like this on your Desktop or in whichever download location you selected: System Preferences will open and you will be asked for your Administrator Password to allow the application to install: When Connect first starts, you will be presented with this screen: Click Allow to proceed with the configuration: However, there is no Xbox yet detected: Connect will detect your Xbox and display it in its Discovered Devices pane: Your Mac should now be listed in the available media sources: One media streaming dilemma that still faces some Xbox and PS3 users is the ability to stream content from another device, such as a desktop or laptop computer.

If you have home movies, pictures or photos, a collection of MP3s, or other content that you have downloaded to your computer, it is a pain to have to copy that content to your game console.

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For Windows users, they can connect their Xbox to their Windows computers without much difficulty. For the rest of us, there are third-party tools.

It is written in Java and can stream supported content formats directly or even transcode incompatible content before streaming. The Windows and Mac versions comes with.

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The installation process should be familiar to you. For Linux, there are no distribution-specific packages, so you will need to download the.

TF14 Playback Server from Yazsoft - UPnP media server for Mac OSX.

You can copy the extracted files wherever you want and then just execute the PMS. As it is platform-independent, you might be able to get it to work with other Unix-like OSes, such as FreeBSD, as long as Java is installed and working. After startup, the first screen will show you a detection process where PMS will look for a PlayStation 3 on your network. If it finds one, it will show a picture of one at the top and immediately make itself available to it.

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Regardless, it will continue searching for additional devices. If it finds an Xbox , it will display a picture of one on the bottom half of the window. Your content will now be ready to stream, but you still need to tell PMS where the content is.

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Click the folder icon with the big plus emblem and select the folders you want to add to your streaming library. Click it to refresh your new shares. There are many other features you can configure, such as image thumbnails, network features, and transcoding settings. admin