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It appears that all the cards I can not delete are from a period where I had a different and no longer valid e-mail address. Most all of these cards are from the domain where I used to have an e-mail address and were probably created while I had that address. I no longer work there, and no longer have this e-mail address available to me. Is it possible that I cannot delete accounts because I no longer have that e-amail address in my Accounts?

How to Merge and Remove Duplicate Contacts in macOS and iCloud

Is there any way to edit the file these cards are kept in outside of the Contacts app? If not, what files can I delete from where to start again from scratch? I found contacts that I could not delete. I realised that they were being imported from Facebook. The undeletable contacts disappeared from my contacts.

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These instructions are easy enough to follow; however my problem is that the contact I want to delete cannot be found anywhere in my contacts……where is it? Help……I need to get rid of this particular email address. I have three entries for the same person, but it will not let me delete any. No worries, Jessica.

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Make sense? Hi Dave, I did all that you said to try and delete a contact in my Contact Cards. All that you said happens except when I go back to contact cards the contact is still there.

Any ideas? Might be out of sync with iCloud, perhaps?

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Go into your iCloud settings and see how you have Contacts set up? Your email address will not be published.

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Step 4 Click the "Delete" button in the dialog window to confirm you want to erase the contact. Step 1 Log in to your iCloud account link in Resources. Click the "Contacts" option. Step 2 Click a name in the All Contacts list, or click the group icon to display names within a group, and then click the name you want.

Bulk-delete contacts from the Mac Contacts app

Step 3 Press "Delete" and then click "Delete" again to delete the contact. Tip Deleting contacts in your Address Book automatically erases them in iCloud and vice versa. References Apple: Delete a Contact.

How to Delete an Email Address from Auto-Complete in Mac OS X Mail

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