Lost admin password mac no disk

I am really desperate I have really important stuff in this computer and I don't know what to do. Do you have any ideas that might help me?

Single User Mode

You created a brand new Admin User Account. Open System Preferences to confirm valid user accounts. If your old user exists you can reset the password for the account. Ive done this before to two of my mac's and it worked.. Try it again, start over.

How to reset your Mac OS X password without an installer disc

Maybe have to fuss with configuring or installing some apps. I'm kind of having a dilemma I found me a mac-book OS x on the train about a month ago and I was wondering if there was a way to get into it with out buying the disc to reset the computer Thank You for that tip XpcMan. It worked well for me, after disabling the http: It will boot like a Brand New Install. It will boot like the day you bought your mac or newly installed.

It is NOT a fresh install It will prompt you for all your info again owner registration ,. Mac account, etc. When logged in, open System Preferences. Open Accounts. Select the user account you wish to reset password or change account permissions.

Reset Any Mac OS X Password without Administrative Access or Losing Data

Logout then Login to the changed account. Optional Delete the newly created account. If not seeing accounts: Try "Target Disk" mode Start up holding "T" key. Rescue your files to your preferred media. I can reset the other accounts on there, but not my original one. I did use FileVault at one point never again! I realize this is probably 2 separate problems but I thought a could reset the Master Password as well using your method.

Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks for your help. Intended for resetting accounts, not File Vault encryption. As far as I know there is no way around those issues. Mine had no boot.. Im going crazy HELP let me know at xavy77 gmail. Jay - Nov 29, at Thank you very much! This is a wonderful method! If you follow the instructions , it will work like a charm. You mac users are freakin' genius!!! I can't remove. Because It's System file. LM - Jan 2, at I tried it twice. Tiff - Jan 11, at You are amazing! Worked on the first try. I could never thank u enough.

Thanks for real Klapps. NewMacMan - Jan 21, at I have a pretty good problem with my older brothers macbook and am getting to the point where I need some help. Brother has a macbook and is no longer with us, trying to finish up some other afairs and move on but its a no go on his password on his laptop, any ideas on how to get into it with out the disk. J - Jan 22, at Thank you thank you thank you. I was referred to your post from a completely unrelated site, where I had been bewailing the problems I was having getting my dead brother's laptop sorted out because it was password protected etc etc etc.

You are fantastic! Thanks again. Sam - Jan 25, at Mac Guy - Jan 25, at This script worked as you said on my G4. Also gives you access to any existing admin acct besides providing a new acct, so you don't lose any old files in the User directory. Why can't anyone on this list speak English?? Learn it or enjoy your crashed Mac. Thank-you very much did it then worked like a charm: Danny T - Jan 29, at Thanks so much this worked for me! I really appreciate it and hope you have a blessed life!

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Chrispy - Feb 1, at IS - Feb 3, at This rocks, thanks for posting - It worked first time for me. Eric - Feb 8, at Coma - Feb 11, at Fantastic man!!! But;- I have forgoten to backup all my data such as photos and music: Do you know how can I get back to that old admin so I can backup all my data so I can move it in to my new admin????

Unfortunately, for my mother, she has a Dell she hasn't used for a really long time and also can't remember her admin psswrd. Is there a similar technique that will work for pc? This should work: It's an ISO that basically has a Linux flavor on it but it boots straight into an easy-to-use menu.

You just select the windows password reset option, select the defaults for file locations, and then select the user and the password to change. Works flawlessly. One recommendation: This will blank out the old password. Then you can boot into windows and safely login with no password and change it to whatever you like.

Sometimes these utilities have issues with different flavors of windows re-encrypting a new password so it's best to just blank it out. Ramanujam - Feb 25, at This works very good on my computer. Man, thanks a lot for this solutions, just perfect! And I dont lose nothing from my old account. You create another account with admin privileges and then remove you old pass from your old account. T - Mar 8, at I have tried many many times and it just keeps loading the computer normally and going right to the login. I have a macbook leopard I have a guest account and cannot change a thing.

I try and open many programs and it says it is not on the selected list of applications. Joel - Mar 19, at Thank You!!! Joe - Mar 20, at Treefrog - Mar 21, at Drakan - Mar 21, at Thanks worked like a charm on my Macbook Pro Mario - Mar 30, at KT - Mar 31, at It worked. I had been trying to figure this out for weeks. Andy - Apr 2, at Paul - Apr 4, at How can I change the password to my administrator from a standard user of a laptop?

That was awesome Thanks so much! WhaahaYes - Apr 7, at After 3 years of searching for a solution Thanks so much!! MYA - Apr 8, at Zidane - Apr 10, at Thank you for this tip fella!! Ruby - Apr 13, at One very stupid question: If I manage to do this, will all my data still be there afterwards?

How to reset your Mac OS X password without an installer disc | MacYourself

Timbo - Apr 13, at Famos - Apr 14, at If you want to make modifications to files: Okay, so how do you accomplish the first step? How do you reboot it? Someone help? Lynette - Apr 17, at I have an iMac G5 This has worked like a charm - I am just about in tears as I am so thrilled! Thank you so much for your efforts, an appreciative Kiwi.

I did everything as followed but it did not restart it just shut down please help out I reset it exactly as you said and after choosing my default language when I reboot it will go no further. Please help! This worked very well! I seriously thought I was going to have to track down a disc-I've been frustrated for weeks. Anonymous - Apr 20, at Whenever I open up this root terminal thing, my computer is always broken.

I would not suggest doing this, even if you do know what you're doing. Michelle - Apr 20, at Works perfectly. You can even go to system preferences and reset your password to your other account. Then delete the one you just made. Absolutely works. Non problems. Worked first time. I seldom leave comments but this really works. JC - Apr 21, at Willid - Apr 22, at This worked like a friggin charm!

Thank you so much! If you were here I would buy you a pint! A sincere note of thanks for your expertise! I jsut bought a used iBook G4 for general apps and I had the same issue of no admin password. Your script worked perfectly!!! Many thanks from the Rocky Mountains!!! I couldnt able to delete. MacPro - Apr 26, at Celie - Apr 26, at How can I get to the terminal commands without clicking command s.

Natalie - Apr 29, at It allowed me a new password, but I think I lost all my movies I made in imovie, photos, docs, etc!!! I had my old comps hard drive installed on this computer a while back What now? Oh no I followed your instructions and my computer restarted as if new. I then set up my user password.

Five Ways to Reset a Lost Administrator Password

So now I have a "clean" computer, as if I'm a new user. BUT all my previous photos, documents, etc, etc are nowhere to be seen. But I can't get access; my folders are there within "appleimac", but I'm told I don't "have sufficient access privileges". I can start afresh with my "new identity", but all my previous stuff is locked away -temporarily, I hope! G5 imac. Just bought a used powerbook pro with snow leopard installed. This worked perfectly. No Excuse for a Lost Password — Regardless of how or why an administrator password has been lost or forgotten, there are a variety of techniques that you can use to reset it and regain full access to a Mac.

Interesting - I hadn't run across that one before. It looks like it creates a new user account as well, though, so it would be good mostly in a situation where you didn't care about the files in the account whose password has been lost. I've always used it for pre-Lion systems where the client had forgotten their login password. Create a new, temp admin account. Use it to remove the other account's password. Remove the temp account. I've never used the Directory Service command line utility because it's fairly more complicated.

She had an apple computer dual booted with windows and I removed the windows password but unable to get past the startup screen asking for her apple password. Looks like you're retyping commands and introducing typos is instead of ls. I recommend you use copy and paste instead. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Email Address. And of course, there's always the venerable: AppleSetupDone in single-user mode. Adam Engst.