Can you format a mac and install windows

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Chealion Trust me.. I speak from experience. Before doing anything with the partitions that Boot Camp builds, read this: Debilski Debilski 1, 10 But probably new BootCamp will bring newer drivers for Windows 7.

Remove Mac OS X and install Windows? - Super User

This is correct. Vista didn't support EFI natively, but Win7 does. Macbooks don't recognize MBR drives as bootable. Yes, its possible.

Formatting Your USB Stick

Click OK. Click Apply.

Install Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp

Proceed through the Vista install. Click the Drive Options link. Click the Format link. Click OK in the confirmation dialog. Just head over to the Windows Store. If given an option, always choose the ISO file , which should be available for download even if you bought a physical version of Windows The flash drive option tends to be time-consuming and unnecessary, and should only be used if you have compatibility issues with a download. Make sure both installation options are checked as seen above. At this point, Boot Camp Assistant copies your desired Windows operating system installation files from either an.

Simply choose the location of the. Once the next window opens, Boot Camp Assistant gives you the option to choose where to save the Windows drivers and installs support software files. Follow the on-screen instructions and make sure you have an Internet connection, selecting Continue when prompted. The process of downloading the drivers could take quite a while to complete, so stay patient! Once you finish this, click Install to complete the partition process. When ready, head over to Startup Disk preferences you can search for it using Spotlight or find it in System Preferences.

Turning Your USB Stick into a Windows Installer

Choose the startup disk housing Windows 10 so that from now on your Mac will start in Windows. Restart your computer entirely, and it should open onto the Windows screen. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

Installing Windows 10 on a Mac without Bootcamp

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How to install Windows 10 only on a Apple / Macbook / Mac (no Bootcamp, no OSX, just Windows)

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How to use Boot Camp: Preparing your Mac

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