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The developers guarantee a high degree of accuracy due to the use of an SHA View full description.

Softonic review It's amazing how much hard drive space can be taken-up by duplicated files. Decloner helps you find and eliminate duplicate files on your Mac.

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It uses SHA-1 algorithm to reliably determine if files are identical. Decloner has a simple straightforward user interface where you only need to specify a directory to scan, and Decloner will find duplicate files in that directory and all its subdirectories. It then will show you the found duplicates and help get rid of them safely. Decloner never deletes anything permanently. All removed files are moved into the Trash so you can always restore them if you change your mind.

How To Delete Duplicate Files on a Mac

When determining which files to delete, you can see their information and use QuickLook to examine the contents just like you would do it in Finder. You can define exclusion patterns to ignore certain file names, and set minimum file size to ignore very small files. Decloner can process large number of files on internal or more What's New Version 1.

Version 1. The Unarchiver A fast and free way to unpack your files. Download Decloner 1. Download for Mac. User reviews about Decloner. To stay simple, it is the best I have found till now It just has anything you need to clean your computer duplicates Twice just to put 48 characters Just a bit expensive GhostByte More reviewed on December 14, Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

Don't leave without your download! Decloner Eliminate duplicate files from your Mac. Download and installation help. Recover, Optimize, Manage and Enhance. Features such as System Statics, Power Manger, File compressor and many others implemented in this extremely easy-to-use interface are clear for any Mac users.

Speed Up Your Drive Quickly & Easily. Stop the Slowdown Caused by Duplicate Files.

In addition, the software even provides an option named as Compress ZIP to compress the files stored on your Macintosh. It also provides Data Wipe feature which aids you erase important files and folders present in your Mac computers, which in turn save Mac hard disk space. Furthermore Online Backup feature provided by the utility helps you automatically backup all your business or personal files, such that you can compensate for any data loss situation in future.

The tool uses One Click Maintenance feature to transform your old Mac computer into a new one again! Download this free app now and make your Mac system faster.

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Therefore if you are looking for really fast and simple program to boost up your Mac computer performance then, Remo MORE is the right choice for you. Furthermore, the Cloud Control Panel of this tool helps you manage multiple devices from your Mac computer with ease.

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Additionally, the optimization section in the software helps users remove junk files like browsing history, saved passwords, temp files, log files etc. In fact Remo MORE Mac is the only duplicates finder and cleaner with a rapid scanning algorithm, gorgeous design and remarkable user interface. MORE searches and removes duplicate files including videos, images, songs, documents with ease.

MacBooster is an easy-to-use yet powerful system utility for Mac OS users. Similar to Windows PCs, Mac computers also suffer from slow response, over occupied hard disks, difficulties in uninstalling apps, and other system issues. MacBooster can help users solve these issues with a simple one-click.

It clears out junk files in the system, removes threats from the Internet, identifies big or duplicated files that take up large portion of hard disk, and helps you uninstall unwanted apps that won't easily go away. It consists of a strong cleaning tool to clear out all of the unnecessary files that slow down system performance.

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It also includes a number of practical tools including a duplicate files finder, large and old files cleaner, an uninstaller, memory optimizer and startup applications organizer. This software is designed for Mac OS X users who want to tune up their slow Mac and improve the system performance. Download MacBooster 2. It can also help users protect their personal data from malware and Mac virus. Its Duplicates and Old Files Finder can further clean up more space for users.

Additionally, SimBooster can clean temporary files of web browser and get rid of unwanted apps or files. Find identical files quickly and accurately.

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Smart algorithm is used to help users select unneeded duplicate files and remove them, meanwhile will making sure that at least one instance of each file will be kept safe. Download SimBooster Pro 1. Thus, the Data Encryptor makes it possible to hide and protect sensitive data using a password. In addition, the Duplicates Finder enables you to get rid of duplicate files while the Fast Cleanup feature finds and removes junk files. The service is remarkable for its simple and clutter-free interface and several valuable features. The application supports Mac OS X Download iDoctor 1 in.

Cross detect duplicates in different volumes, e. Download Disk Health 1. Disk Xray is a disk usage statistics viewer, duplicate files and folders finder and cleanup tool for Mac OS X. At a glance you can identify which folders are the space hogs and just what is in them by successively drilling down. Duplicate Files Detector frees up a disk space by finding and deleting duplicate files and folders thereby giving you a chance to recover gigabytes of your disk space. This scan can reveal just how many copies of the same document or photo or other type of file you have saved, scattered through your disk.

Disk Cleaner speeds up your computer and by finding and removing temporary files on your computer that you decide you no longer need. This includes the obvious choices of the Trash and your downloads folder, and also includes locations you may not otherwise think to purge or even know where to find - application logs, web browser caches and cookies, application caches and an ever-growing list of email attachments stored locally but never cleaned.

You can also set it to find all big files on your disk. Decide how old files you want to remove - one week, one month or one year. Disk Cleaner and Duplicates Finder allows you to revert back all removed files. You can move items to the Trash from within the app, with a menu option giving the safeguard of undoing this action if you make a mistake. Download Disk Xray 2. Disk Xray Lite is discontinued and replaced by Disk Xray - a disk usage statistics viewer, duplicate files and folders finder and cleanup tool for Mac OS X.

Disk Xray performs three fundamental functions, and it performs them well, with a simple and consistent interface that does just what you want in a minimum of clicks.

Duplicate File Finder Software for 10.5.8

Download Disk Xray Lite 2 in. MacKeeper is a suite of utilities, giving you a hub of tools to clean and optimize your Mac. Being one of the most advertized Mac products on the web, you've probably heard of MacKeeper. Its marketing actually makes it harder to trust, which is a shame as it has a range of tools that actually work, with an attractive and simple interface.

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There are some bad points too, which we'll come to. This is essentially a total scan of your Mac, which will find all the Cleaning, Security, and Performance 'issues' with your system, and then offer to fix them. Cleaning is a neat and quick way to clear some space on your hard drive. Performance is all about keeping your apps up to date - most apps do this themselves, but MacKeeper is a good one-stop-shop, especially if you have lots of apps installed.

The Security side has two elements, an Anti Theft part, which is included, and Internet Security, which requires additional installation. Whether or not Internet Security is good or not, I was not impressed at a prompt to install it. Security apps on OS X are really not necessary for most users. Claiming that you should install it unless you have another security app installed is a little pushy. MacKeeper will highlight your lack of a security app as a 'serious' threat, which is an exaggeration.

The Anti-Theft, on the other hand, is quite neat. Regardless of whether or not your have your Mac's location services on, if it's stolen, simply sign into your Kromtech account free, and necessary to use MacKeeper from any browser and click 'Report Stolen Computer. There are 16 tools in total - if you haven't cleaned your Mac for a while the Duplicates Finder is quite useful. Disk Usage lets you see which folders and places are using the most space, which again can help you free up disk space. Taken by themselves, MacKeeper's tools are nothing special, but having them all together is pretty useful.

I'd like to see less pushy security features - it's not a bad thing to have, but it's misleading to say it's dangerous not to. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution to keeping your Mac clean, MacKeeper is a pretty good option. It's a great way to find more space, and the anti-theft feature is also good.

Download MacKeeper 3. MacClean 2, an easy-to-use yet free Mac cleaning utility, comes with intelligent Smart Clean and a bunch of OS tuning utilities that gives you the best Mac cleaning and maintenance solution. It is a powerful and reliable Mac OS cleaning utility that simplifies the steps to secure privacy and optimize browsing experience, significantly releases Gigabytes of hard drive, and makes the sluggish OS X run like new.

Via performing in-depth and all-around optimizations on your OS, it effortlessly removes junk files and frees up more space without putting any of your valuable files at risk. With MacClean 2, all the system caches, unnecessary files, leftovers, Internet junks or any other useless files will be cleared up with an efficient solution at zero cost, and a happy daily cleanup on your Mac with obvious effect is nothing more than few clicks.

Download MacClean 2. If you have an older Apple laptop or desktop they you may notice that it has started to slow down. This can be from struggles with new a OSX or because it is full of unnecessary files, app, and software. The trial version can then help clear MB of space, optimize your RAM, and provides a configurable firewall. admin