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The combination of media employed achieves a novel-only-for-its-time result with unpolished visual seams and dodgy gameplay. The player is limited to investigating the HorrorLand environment using mouse clicks to explore, solve puzzles, and uncover tokens and other odds and ends that will aid you in your escape from HorrorLand.

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In this stage when Lizzie meets Dracula, it is your objective to essentially pickpocket Goldblum, which amusingly results in poking Goldblum's body with the cursor displayed in the game as a severed hand until he is defeated. But that is certainly not the last that you'll see of Dracula. It never is. The point is to pay attention to who else appears in this clip. The beautiful raven-haired woman in vaguely monarchical garb at 0: Unlike Goldblum's attempts in vain to appear naturalistic, Rossellini, whose lengthier segment within the game arrives around 3: Rossellini then chases after Lizzie in the bitmap-quality environment until the player can drop a folding bed on her head.

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The question remains: Someone called in a big favor. And that someone was Steven Spielberg, revealed in the making of video below as the part-time director of the video game. Despite the star wattage behind this project, Count Goldblum never became a viral hit, which is perhaps the most shocking part of this retrospective. Yet any fascination with these snippets from the game are not merely about gawking at the celebrity talent involved, it's also appreciating the evolution of consoles and the nostalgia attached to an era in which multimedia exploded and created hype for newer and ever-improving technologies.

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A hype that has carried over into the modern-day video game wars between rival companies striving to surpass each other with frontier technology and gameplay. Escape From HorrorLand is hardly a timeless classic on par with Myst ; it's a quick and fairly undemanding game with a "Hey, remember this? But its creative goal to wed realism with complex interactive environments was a worthy entry in the FMV market.

Limitations of image quality and player interactivity be damned, Escape From HorrorLand is pure and wonderful kitsch and a truly 90s cultural artifact.

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And if unexpected celebrity cameos in mids FMV games happens to be your thing, check out Christopher Walken below in Ripper. Veteran British singer-songwriter Joe Jackson performed songs from his catalog and new album Fool. Had Stephen King and Bryan Smith "met" on that same street on 19 June -- 20 years after the Accident -- the physical consequences would have probably been complicated by media drones, TMZ helicopters, Instagram and Twitter posts, and Facebook livestream coverage.

Matthew Shipp and his jazz trio continue to make innovation look all too easy on Signature. Ahead of the release of his new album, Phases , Brad Byrd's latest single effortlessly captures the feeling of life's euphoric, fleeting highs. Helium , Homeshake's fourth album is a further exploration of Peter Sagar's inner musings, and it may be his most honest record, as it sounds lonelier and smaller than any Homeshake LP to date.


Sign in or Open in Steam. Includes 40 Steam Achievements. The Game Genre: Adventure , Casual Developer: Share Embed. Add to Cart. Survive a trek through your neighborhood, unravel the mysteries of the Dead House, and sneak through the mall after hours; only then can you confront Slappy and stop his plans for revenge! System Requirements Minimum: Windows Vista or Windows 7 Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.

Version 9. Windows 7 or Windows 8 Processor: Version 11 Storage: See all. View all.

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    Challenging puzzles. Stunning array of monsters, villains and creepy places. Star performances by Jeff Goldblum and Isabella Rosellini. Quandary Computer Reviews by Rosemary Young. They've been hard to avoid when a good percentage of my younger acquaintances are avid readers of this series and have had no qualms about sharing their passion with others. In Australia, at least, the Goosebumps books have captured the imagination of the young and consequently they sell like hot cakes. For this reason I was concerned that Escape from HorrorLand might not live up to expectations.

    It's an entertaining game with a varied tempo combining fast paced action and leisurely exploration and puzzle solving. It adeptly captures the spine tingling essence of the printed word as it takes the player along on a suitably scary adventure in HorrorLand, complete with darkened sewers, haunted graveyard, flesh eating plants, vampires, and a host of other nightmarish creatures.